Die in 100 Ways

Die in 100 Ways 1.0.3

Funny game that combines thrilling and horror

Death's only ever just around the corner in Die in 100 Ways, an action packed new adventure that pits you against the Grim Reaper himself. From gaming developer, CanadaDroid, this colourful caper pits players against Death's dastardly plan, forcing them to think of even more ingenious ways to sidestep doom and survive until the final act.

From everyday accidents, to disastrous pile ups and catastrophes, Death is out to get you, one or another. Make sure you don't join the reaper anytime soon by thinking on your feet and keeping your reactions razor sharp.

Each round puts the player in control of another hapless individual who's on the cusp of crossing paths with Death. There's 24 individual mini games and levels to traverse, each with their own pitfalls that could spell instant peril for your character.

Getting from A to B safely should be simple enough, but Death's been waiting for his due and isn't happy about having to hang around. Make sure you avoid any additional obstacles thrown your way, and act quickly to dodge the most dastardly of attacks to get to the finishing line in one piece and score big.

Rated PEGI 12, this game is suitable for most players and older children, although the youngest of gamers might find some of the subject matter a little upsetting.

Easy to play and get to grips with, Die in 100 Ways offers crystal clear graphics and a vibrant palate, along with super cute characters and dynamic environments to clear.

Ideal for playing offline or on, once downloaded to your Android phone, you can pick up and play from anywhere. Extras and upgrades for Die in 100 Ways are available as in-app purchases, while other bonuses can be picked up from high-scoring achievements and other successful bonus rounds in the base game.

See if you can escape Death's advances one more time, or clear all 24 rounds in half the time for a seriously impressive high score. Done particularly well? Make sure the world knows about it. Publish your high-scoring achievements to your Facebook, Twitter or social media pages and invite friends to download and join in the fun.

Die in 100 Ways


Die in 100 Ways 1.0.3

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